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Under the editorship of Steve Berry, English Nature (now Natural England) commissioned a number of early excellent booklets on wildlife gardening.  Relatively few were printed, and they are now distributed as pdf files.  We are very grateful to Natural England for allowing us to make these available directly from this website. To download them, click on the images below.
plants_for_wildlife_friendly_gardens.jpg wildflower_meadows.jpg wildlife_on_allotments.jpg
Plants for wildlife friendly gardens
Wildlife on allotments
Wildflower meadows
ampbians.jpg reptiles.jpg birds.jpg
Amphibians in your garden
Birds and your garden
Reptiles in your garden
mammals.jpg minibeasts.jpg moths_and_butterflies.jpg
Mammals in your garden
Minibeasts in your garden
Enjoying moths and butterflies in
 your garden
bumblebees.jpg dragonflies.jpg garden_ponds.jpg
Bumblebees Get more buzz from your garden
Garden ponds and boggy places
Dragonflies and damselflies in your garden
composting.jpg green_walls_introduction.jpg green_walls_planting.jpg
Composting and peat-free gardening
Introduction to green walls
Green walls planting
Living roofs