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Amphibian and Reptile Group UK  RecordPool                                                                            

Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society                

British Arachnological Society  Spiders and Harvestmen Recording Scheme  

British Mycological Society Recording Scheme   (Fungi)

British Myriapod and Isopod Group  recording schemes  (Centipedes, millipedes & woodlice)

British Trust for OrnithologyGarden Birdwatch                                                                          

British Trust for Ornithology Nest Record Scheme

British Trust for Ornithology Garden Rook Survey

Buglife UK Survey Map    (Invertebrates) 

Bumblebee Conservation Trust Bee Watch                                                                           

Butterfly Conservation Garden Butterfly Survey         

Butterfly Conservation National Moth Recording Scheme

Conchological Society Recording Scheme (slugs and snails)         

Earthworm Society of Britain Recording Scheme                                                                          

Freshwater Habitats Trust Big Pond Dip                                                                            

Garden Wildlife Health Report sick or dead wildlife  

Harlequin Ladybird Recording Scheme 

Natural History Museum Urban Tree Survey 

Open Air Laboratory (OPAL) Excellent surveys and resources

OPAL Tree Health   

OPAL Bugs Count   (urban wildlife)

OPAL Biodiversity Survey (life in hedges)

OPAL Water Survey (ponds)

OPAL Air Survey (lichens)

OPAL Soil Survey (earthworms)

Orthoptera and allied insects Recording Scheme  (grasshoppers and crickets) 

People’s Trust for Endangered Species Great Stag Hunt  (stag beetle)

People’s Trust for Endangered Species Living with Mammals 

People’s Trust for Endangered Species  National Hedgehog Survey  

Royal Horticultural Society Survey of four insect pests

Royal Society for the Protection of BirdsBig Garden Birdwatch

Society of Biology Flying Ant Survey

UK Ladybird Survey Recording Scheme    

Woodland Trust Nature’s Calendar (changes in wildlife seasonality)


There is a great deal we don't know about garden wildlife, and there is a lot that surveys of garden wildlife can tell us about how Britains' wildlife is changing with urbanisation, intensive land use, and climate change.
The Wildlife Gardening Forum is planning to set up some simple monitoring surveys of its own to assess what is happening to urban wildlife.  There are already a good number of well managed national surveys that are based on, or will accept garden records, and these are listed with links below.
Many Wildlife Trusts run their own local surveys, so you could look for these via the Wildlife Trusts website to find your local Trust.
Please let us know of any other national survey that we have missed, and please tell us about any local garden wildlife survey you are running, and what the results have been.