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It isnít just private gardeners who have an interest in gardening.  There is a very large and productive industry which provides us with the plants, tools and products we need for our gardens - and try to give us a good time while we are buying them.

The Wildlife Gardening Forum is keen to work closely with gardening suppliers to improve the range of products available, and to try to make sure that products available are environmentally sustainable, and in the case of wildlife gardening products actually do work!  Retailers can be some of the best placed people to give good advice and help people starting off in wildlife gardening.

There are also professional gardeners involved in the design and management of private and public gardens and grounds.  We will be writing pages aimed at helping and encouraging them to bring a concern for wildlife into their work, and seeing wildlife as another cash-earning string to their bow.

Finally, but by no means least, we will be creating a page to help general businesses, factories, supermarkets, parking lots and other land-owners to get interested in making better use of their grounds for wildlife.  We know from case studies that this can be a great way of involving and enthusing the work force, and in some cases businesses have been able to make their newly wildlife-friendly grounds open to their surrounding communities which has practical benefits for recruitment and good will. 


Cemex South Ferriby Cement Plant in North Lincolnshire have taken a small area of wasteland beside a main road and converted it into a community wildlife garden enjoyed by people and animals alike.