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This is a very important part of our website, because recent research is beginning to show just how important green space and exposure to wildlife are for ordinary people, whether they are gardeners or not.

Because this is such a big subject, we have commissioned major reviews of the role of gardens and green space on human physical and mental health, and we hope to have summaries, plus the full reports, on the website soon.  A sister Forum to ours, the UK National Parks and Wellbeing Forum  is working along similar lines, and we are cooperating closely together.

The picture below is an NVivo Word Cloud created by our Human Health Consultant Geraldine Surman, from a large number of academic papers she is reviewing.

Our Education Working Group is producing web pages on Parents and Children, and Education and School Grounds, which we hope will lead to development of new resources for teachers and school governors.  We have completed an extensive review of Training provision and needs for all aspects of wildlife gardening, and this will soon be appearing on our site.  Other people-based topics we will be covering include allotments and public gardens, and community gardening.  Incredible Edible Todmorden  is a wonderful example of community gardening reported at a recent Forum conference.

We would be very keen to hear of projects and case studies within this wide range of topics, so please get in touch - and appear on this website!