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There is a lot of information in this website,and a great deal more in books and published scientific papers. The harder we look however, the more we realise how much we still have to discover to understand how wildlife uses gardens, and how best to manage our gardens for the benefit of wild creatures as well as our own needs.
We have put together a list of some of the main questions we have about wildlife gardening.  Some are quite straightforward - can anything small survive in a garden with chickens?  while others go to the very roots of garden ecology - what goes on in your garden soil? 
Many of these questions could be answered by well organised Citizen Science studies, with gardeners all round the UK making observations and experiments, feeding into a coordinated project.  Some could be the basis of a really good school science project, or be suitable for an undergraduate study.  Others could make really demanding PhD studies.
Please contact us if you would like to take up one of these challenges, or have some really good ideas about how to tackle them.  You may be able to point out more questions that need answering
You can see the list of over 50 questions by clicking the button on the left.  They fall into these categories:


  • Basic garden ecology  (6 questions)
  • External changes affecting gardens   (2)
  • Garden plants   (11)
  • Garden animals   (5)
  • Garden management  (8)
  • Garden habitats (4)
  • Groups and characteristics of gardens (4)
  • Rural gardens (3)
  • Conservation potential of gardens (4)
  • Lawns  (3)
  • People (1)