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Manifesto Sections
The Manifesto was updated in 2013 to reflect changes over 6 years. It has three main sections shown under the green titles below, and each contains important objectives.
Gardens and People 
Gardens and Wildlife
Gardens and the Human Environment: planning and development
The Wildlife Gardening Forum works to make everyone more aware of - and excited by - the importance of our gardens for wildlife, people and society. In the formal language of our charitable deed, the Forums Aims are simply:
We created our Manifesto "Let Our Gardens Live!" to expand on the basic Aims, and explain to potential supporters and decision makers what we saw as the key issues and challenges.  It was launched at Roots and Shoots in Lambeth on 18th July 2007 by Sir John Doughty, the Chair of English Nature who said:
“Through this manifesto, Natural England is calling to action businesses, the public sector and the public to play their part and give gardens a future – for the benefit of our own health and the survival of declining species, such as hedgehogs, frogs and bumblebees, that live on our doorsteps.”
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