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How You Can Help

Forum members visiting the Natural History Museum's
 Wildlife Garden during a summer conference.
The Wildlife Gardening Forum works to help more people appreciate how important gardens are for wildlife. Hopefully, this will help people manage their gardens better for wildlife, alongside their other gardening aims, so it would be great if you find this site useful and apply your new knowledge.

Please tell your friends about wildlife in gardens, and about this site. The more people appreciate the importance of gardens, the more likely the topic is to rise up to the level of government awareness, at national as well as local level.

Another way to help is by joining the Forum. There is no cost, but as well as receiving news and conference invitations, the more people who are members, the more notice decision-makers will have to take of what we are saying.

Please contact us if you would like to help in a practical way. This could be by sending news of what you or your organisation is doing, or passing on links to new publications or research you come across. You might even like to give a presentation at a future conference, or write an article for our newsletter. If you have a particular interest, you could contribute through one of our Working Groups
Why not get a local wildlife gardening group together? We would love to hear of how you get on, and might be able to help with finding speakers.
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