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Forum members visiting the Natural History Museum's
 Wildlife Garden during a summer conference.

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We hold conferences twice a year, in the early summer and in the late Autumn.  Conferences are lively events, with up to 100 delegates, and they are a great opportunity to catch up with new studies and ideas, and especially to discuss and share your own work with like-minded people.  Conferences are always a mix of new research and practical applications, and are increasingly themed around a currently hot topic, so that the talks inter-relate and we can move our understanding forwards.
Here is a list of our conferences, and where there are Proceedings/summaries, you can click on the link and download a pdf of the talks.

3rd March 2005

Inaugural Meeting


24 April 2006: Royal Horticultural Halls

General conference and workshops on Forum goals


12th December 2006 

General Conference


22nd November 2007 Natural History Museum London

General conference and workshops on delivering the Manifesto


21st June 2008  Zoological Society of London

Wildlife Gardening Day


6th March  2009 Natural History Museum

Conserving plants and fungi in gardens


November 27th  2009  RHS Wisley

General  Conference


17th  November 2010 Royal Horticultural Society Conference Centre 

2010 Year of Biodiversity Meeting  and the National Launch of Jennifer Owen’s book

“Wildlife of a Garden: A Thirty-Year Study”


8th June 2011  Flett Natural History Museum

General Conference+ museum’s wildlife garden


23 November 2011 Mildmay Community Centre London

Wildlife Gardening and Communities


28th June 2012       Lecture Theatre Natural History Museum

Lawns, Biodiversity and People 


28th November 2012 Mildmay Community Centre Islington London   

Green roofs and urban design and general topics


June 2013 Natural History Museum

Wildlife in Food-producing Gardens


21st October 2013 Coventry University Hospital

Human Health and Wildlife Gardening


17th March 2014 RHS Wisley

Plants for Bugs: first look at results


28th November 2014 Natural History Museum

Citizen Science in the Garden


24th June 2015 Natural History Museum

Soil Biodiversity in the Garden


17th November 2015 Natural History Museum

Forum's Tenth Anniversary Conference


22nd June 2016 Best Western Arms Hotel Crewe

Educating the next generation of wildlife gardeners