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Organisations working with us

Forum members visiting the Natural History Museum's
 Wildlife Garden during a summer conference.

As of October 2014, the Forum has over 600 members, representing 280 organisations for which they work or to which they belong, and the number is growing steadily. There are also many private individuals in our list of members, and we value these people very highly.

Some of logos of the organisations represented by our members are shown above. There are too many to list here, but you can download an alphabetical list with their contact details from the button opposite. Organisations on the list do not formally endorse our work, but some of their staff are members of the Forum. The diagram below shows the numbers of different types of organisations represented.

...bringing nature closer to home
Nearly half the organisations are environmental charities (NGOs), local Wildlife Trusts or community groups. Nearly a quarter are local and national Government agencies, universities and other teaching organisations.  The final quarter is made up of commercial organisations such as garden centres  and retailers, with representatives of scientific and gardening media.
We are starting to build a group of key affiliated organisations, who back our work and are prepared to endorse our Manifesto.  If your organisation would like to be affiliated (no charge!) please contact us.
Full list of organisations represented