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Britain's countryside is losing species at a frightening rate. Habitats have declined too - the area of flower-rich meadows has dropped by 98% since 1950 as they have been ploughed or heavily fertilised to increase food production.

It is VITAL that we continue to conserve declining special countryside habitats, but for much of our wildlife, ordinary gardens are an important, astonishingly rich, and enormous nature reserve, and you can make a real difference in your own garden

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Welcome to the Wildlife Gardening Forum's website,
bringing you a wealth of information and help from us and our many partner organisations. Here you can find the extraordinary facts about  gardens and wildlife, and we link you to all the other garden wildlife websites with unbiased trustworthy information.
The aim of our website is to help more people become excited by the wildlife in their gardens, and to make politicians and decision makers aware of just how important gardens and urban green space are for wildlife, people and society
The Knowledge Shop is where we put all the evidence about gardens, wildlife and people. We hope it will help everyone understand the issues - and the science behind them - so that we can make our gardens and neighhbourhoods better for wildlife and people.  Dip in to explore - and everything in the shop is free!
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